Donation – $8,500

While we would give anything to celebrate with Mason today on his 20th birthday, we will instead celebrate the 15.5 years we had with him and the fact that we were able to send another donation to Cincinnati Childrens Medical Center.
Mason Spencer Lives On Foundation just sent $8,500 to Cincinnati Childrens Medical Center. When we donate to CCHMC, they allow us to select where the money goes. We discuss with BMT doctors the different options and pick which we feel would have benefited Mason. This year we will again direct to two specific research efforts.
1. Pilot study of an antioxidant/anti-inflammatory medicine as a possible treatment for XIAP deficiency to decrease IL-18 levels which cause inflammation. The pilot essentially consists of patients taking it for several weeks and we measure IL18 levels before, during, and after.
2. Continued work on a screening test for GVHD (gasteravintestinal graft vs host disease)
Mason had XIAP and he developed GI GVHD after his transplant so we are hopeful that this research will help those affected in the future.
Happy 20th Birthday Mason!
If you would like to donate to the Mason Spencer Lives On Foundation, here is how you can:

– To donate by phone with credit card: Call 309-662-4477
– To donate with a check by mail: Make you check payable to “IPCF-Mason Spencer Lives On” Mail to Illinois Prairie Community Foundation, 915 E. Washington St., Suite 2, Bloomington, IL 61701