Donation – $8,000

We are excited to announce the Mason Spencer Lives On Foundation donation of $8,000 to Cincinnati Children’s Medical Hospital. The money is targeted to go to the following two research efforts which we picked from a list of ongoing projects.

-Continuation on the pilot study to treat XIAP patients with quercetin to see if IL-18 levels and other inflammatory markers go down. (Dr. Marsh has a friend in London, England also working to open this there.)

-A larger treatment study of Precision Dosing for alemtuzumab so that levels are just right at the time of transplant to prevent GVHD and mixed chimerism.

Thank you to those who contributed to the fund over the last year. It is greatly appreciated! Should anyone else wish to contribut to aid in future donations/scholarships, here are the details:

– To donate by phone with credit card: Call 309-662-4477
– To donate with a check by mail: Make you check payable to “IPCF-Mason Spencer Lives On” Mail to Illinois Prairie Community Foundation, 915 E. Washington St., Suite 2, Bloomington, IL 61701