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For the selection process, the Tri-Valley High School staff can nominate any student from the Senior class as a candidate for the Mason Spencer Scholarship. Staff will include either bullets points or write a brief explanation of the “Mason like” characteristics the candidate possesses.
The chairman of the committee will compile the list of nominees. At least one meeting will be scheduled with the selection committee (made up of middle school and high school teachers). Each nominee will be discussed in detail and then an anonymous vote will be taken. The Senior nominee with the majority of the votes will be selected. In the case of a tie, the nominees who tied will be discussed again and another vote will be taken. The second vote will only be for those candidates who had a tie vote. This will continue until there is a sole winner. The chairman will contact Tamara Spencer with the name of the student selected to be the recipient of the Mason Spencer scholarship. The student selected will be announced during Tri-Valley’s High School Senior awards ceremony.
The high school staff will look for students who exhibit some of the same characteristics and qualities of Mason Spencer.
We are looking for the student most like Mason Spencer. Below is a list of qualities created by friends, teachers, coaches and family which describe Mason.

Well rounded
Friends with everyone (all types of people)
Lives life to the fullest
Always happy
Diverse sense of humor
Thirst for knowledge (spends hours researching internet and reading to gain more information)
Full of random facts
Deep thinker
Intelligent (but grades not proof)
Avid Reader
Enjoys all types of movies and books
Individualist –comfortable not following the crowd
Not worried what others think
Interested in all types of activities – example Mathletes, Sports, Drama, Student Council
Likes to dress up (in nice clothes)
Likes to dress up to participate in Halloween, activities/events, show school spirit
“Always” right
Positive attitude
Strong (not physically)
Willing to help anyone out

Scholarship 2021

Each year Mason Spencer Lives On Foundation presents a $500 scholarship to a Tri-Valley High School senior that has the most “Mason characteristics”. We would like to announce the winner for the 2021 graduating class…. Greg Stiles! Greg was highly involved…